22 Jun

Make your home Diwali ready.

This Diwali, give your home a makeover and welcome goddess Laxmi by accessoring your home.

Here we are with most astonishing, yet in-budget tricks to give your house the most divine and stunning look.

Exterior Façade

It is a tradition to lit up the entire house open throughout the Diwali week at nights to welcome the health, wealth & prosperity into our house. And most important part is the house’s entrance. So go big on lights, especially on your verandah so that your neighbours know that you are feeling the Diwali magic.

But use energy efficient LEDs and oil fueled diyas.

Decorate your house with flowers.


Jharokha or illusion of jharokhas on the front wall of this house is just captivating. These are welcoming to your guests.

Even under the staircase, try to lit up that space to as we have culture in India to lit up all the corners of the house. No corners or spaces to be kept dark.

You can use that are to house you pet if you have any or can convert that space into a cozy corner to spend your time with your favorite books.


Diwali invites a lot of guests to your home. Use of incandescent hues to let your guests relax in a cozy environment that can throw the sense of opulence & give the house a traditional vibe.

You can find these bulbs in your local market as well. These are called as LED Filament Bulbs. You are energy efficient and most exciting part is these are not usual filament bulbs these are LEDs. It will give your space an incandescent hues.

This living room is all set to welcome the Diwali guests with perfect lighting and enough space. The chandelier hanging to the ceiling adds certain charm to the flavors of Diwali.

Puja Room

One of the most important space in the house on this day.

Add some cove lighting and bells to make it more alive. Adding a background to this area also makes it more welcoming.

Furniture & Curtains

If you want not to spend too much on your furniture or if you are not planning to buy the new ones. I have a great news for you, change in upholstery of your sofa or chair & change in color with change your furniture almost completely. Here are some of the examples.

Light color curtains with make your room more soothing, calm and relaxing.


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